November 15, 2021

You can only launch a podcast once.”You need to get it right the first time… because the clock is ticking.” ~Molly PittmanOnce iTunes approves your podcast, you have 8 weeks to make an impression in the New and Noteworthy section—the coveted spot on the iTunes Store directory that allows you to be highly visible and gain the recognition of millions of users for 8 weeks.You need to get it right the first time… because the clock is ticking! 🙂We launched our first podcast, Perpetual Traffic, on July 28, 2015. To our surprise, within 8 hours we were Number 1 in the Business Category on iTunes!

We achieved these rankings following a simple and consistent 4-step strategy.

And that’s what we’re sharing today—the EXACT 4-step strategy you can use to launch ANY podcast in ANY market.

We’re also sharing the big mistake we made with our podcast distribution schedule (this was a big breakthrough for us), so you can avoid making it, too!

We’ll start with…

Step 1: Define Your Podcast’s Concept and StyleSuccessful podcasts have a consistent concept and style.You need to plan and decide WHAT your overall podcast will be about before you launch, or you run the risk of having a sloppy show.Successful podcasts have a consistent concept and style.It’s important to decide what will be unique about your podcast. Think about why someone should listen, why they should care. Also, keep your business’ culture in mind—your podcast needs to align with your business.A podcast that’s going to hit the top of the charts and stay there needs to be entertaining while providing valuable content on a specific topic that people want to listen to.You have several options to choose from when it comes to what “style” your podcast will follow. These are some of the examples we considered when planning Perpetual Traffic. Think about which would be the best fit to reach your audience:Interview Style PodcastThis is the most common style of podcasting.The host(s) conducts an interview in each episode of the podcast.For example, in each episode of I’ll Drink to That!, host Levi Dalton interviews a wine expert and names the episode after that particular interviewee.

About the Author Ganpat Sherawat

Ganpat Sherawat is the Founder and Chief Editor of Mashcape.

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